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Access to is provided, via partnership, funded by the e-Library of the Canons Regular of the Sacred Heart of Jesus @ Christ the King Oratory, Durham.

The Canons Regular of the Sacred Heart of Jesus maintains an e-library, with full access to the contents of some of the best resources online. Among these resources, Academia.Edu stands out for the volume and quality of published research and academic papers. From Astrophysics to Theology, Academia.Edu vaults keep arguably the best and largest electronic library of Academic Research in the World.

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How to use Academia.Edu:

Simply browse the site, or use the site search box to find academic material on your chosen subject. Often the paper you require can be downloaded for free; however, if the article you want to study is not available free-of-charge, or forms part of a complete package, this becomes a Premium Request… See below how to proceed:

Academia.Edu Premium… What to do next?

Copy the article title hyperlink (right click with the mouse on the title, and from the context mini-menu, left-click to select the option “copy link address”). Paste the link you copied into the Contact Form at Canons Regular of the Scr’d Heart of Jesus website, adding any explanatory text if you need to and click on the SEND button. Simple! It may take up to 24 hours for the academic article to pop in your mailbox. Sometimes longer, but not longer than 3 days.

The pages containing the resources for each subject in the Syllabus, also contain academic material, which may include directly downloadable PDF documents, links to books we suggest (you will need to pay for these, like any other student at University Level) and links to sites where you can find information relevant to the subject you are studying.

St. Catherine’s Seminary places a great deal of focus and effort into making sure the materials available or else recommended are of significant quality and that the authors we pick are recognised for their academic authority and high expertise in the subjects being offered for study at the Seminary.

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