Dear Student, welcome to St. Caherine’s Seminary Exams, Essays and Continuous Progress Evaluation (CPE) Depository Vault. All papers whether they are exams, essay papers or CPE short tests are published here. They will appear gradually, as they are being prepared, however they will only become available for viewing on the date and time they are to be released. Students are provided with the UNLOCKING KEY by email at the date and time the evaluation is due to begin.

At no time and under no circumstances whatsoever will students be given unauthorised access to exam, essay or CPE papers before the date and time they are due to be released.


You will need an Internet connection, an email address, a standard PC, (either a Desktop PC, or a laptop), a PDF Reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader and a standard PC Word Processor. That’s pretty much all you need.


Alternatives to Microsoft Office:

The entire Google Office Suite runs online and behaves very much in the same way as a standard Microsoft Office Suite. The link above will lead you to the location. It is the only alternative we recommend because it is very stable, functionality is usually perfect and above all, it is available anywhere in the World. However, access may be limited in Countries where Internet access is censored, such as China and North Korea. It is widely available in Africa, Latin America, South East Asia, Far East, and even in the Arctic and Antarctica. You are covered, wherever you live and study.

PDF Reader Software

Adobe Acrobat Reader has been the most used PDF Reader for many decades. It has been trusted by hundreds of millions of users all over the World, at least since the 1980’s. It is free to download, install and use. It is also available, virtually anywhere in the World.
Observe carefully the above screen snapshot, showing you the page where you will land, when you click on the Adobe Acrobat Reader Link. Tick the Acrobat Reader Chrome Extension box as shown above, be be sure to leave BLANK the optional offers. Then click on the “Download Acrobat Reader”. Do NOT click on any items seen on the right side panel.


  1. PERIOD 1 – EXAM – Saturday, 12 December 2020: Download NOW!
  2. PERIOD 2 – EXAM – Saturday, 30 January 2021: Complete ONLINE! Security Access Code is available from the Seminary FB Group.
  3. PERIOD 2 – ESSAY – Saturday, 27 February 2021: Link will be available at a later date.
  4. PERIOD 3 – ESSAY 1 – Saturday, 1 May 2021: Link will be available at a later date.
  5. PERIOD 3 – ESSAY 2 – Saturday, 12 June 2021: Link will be available at a later date.
  6. PERIOD 3 – EXAM – Saturday, 10 July 2021: Link will be available at a later date.


Save your work as a Word doc file. When you save your file in your computer, please remember to give it an identifiable name, here are some practical examples:

Period 1-Exam-Your Name-Your Surname.docx;
Period 3-Essay 1-Your Name-Your Surname.docx;
Period 3-Essay 2-Your Name-Your Surname.docx;

Send it by email to:

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